About Me!

Hello fellow bloggers and readers! My name is Cody Jeffery and I am currently a sophomore at Meredith College studying Business Administration, Professional Writing and Communications. I hope you join me in learning more about the Quarter Horse industry and the trends/events that effect its history and its future. I am an equine enthusiast with an open mind to learn about as many aspects of the horse world as possible.

As far as my personal experience goes, I have been a western horseback riding instructor for about six years and I love every minute of it! I also compete in Extreme Cowboy Races with my registered AQHA mare, Boons Jenny Lee (“Velvet”) (Boons Millenium x Jenny Lee Lee). Our goal for this season is to win an Open class. Shown below is a photograph of Velvet and I competing in an American Horseman Challenge at the Silk Hope Farm Heritage Park in 2012.


After college, my ultimate goal is to fuse my two passions of horses and journalism and work as an equine public relations professional or write for publications that specialize in the cutting, reining, or reining-cow horse industries.


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